Welcome to my site!

This is my journey through genealogy, history, and the archives. Here is where I will share my experiences, but also my stories.

I am a daughter, a mother, and a wife – in that order.

I was born in Texas, and at just about 6-weeks old, I was adopted to a single-woman of Italian descent. There I was loved and nurtured. She raised me as if I were her own flesh and blood, but she still educated me about my African American heritage. She was supportive about my questioning of my adoption. Though it was closed, she continued to try to help me find answers. She is my mom and I love her just as much as if she’d pushed me out of her own womb.

As a senior in high school, I was blessed to be afforded the opportunity to meet my biological family. This was a life changing moment. I had already begun to embrace my African American roots, but it was meeting my birth family that I received the answers I longed to know. This was my first experience of learning about my own genealogy, family history. This moment is what truly sparked my interest. To this day, I continue to be in touch with my biological family and I am grateful for all that they did and continue to do.

After high school, I went straight into college, attending the notorious, Spelman College. I was unsure of my future. Even still, I pushed through. I found my way and made excellent connections. I found a love for in the English Department and minoring in African Diaspora. I knew I had a passion for writing, but I had also grown a passion for African and African American studies. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to incorporate these disciplines in my future career goal, but I knew I needed them.

In April of 2015, I gave birth to my son. He was my everything: pride and joy. He is the reason I found my truest passion. I dove in to genealogy. I graduated college a semester early (December 2015), and begun to enroll in societies and courses to better my understanding of the genealogy world. I wanted to make this a career, or at least a side venture. However, my mom believed in higher education: graduate schooling.

By the fall of 2017, I was attending my first semester of classes at Simmons College enrolled in the dual master’s program: MA in History and an MLIS in Archive Management. My plan was to combine these teachings with genealogy. Since being here, I’ve developed a love for digital archival preservation and records management. I am still a student, but instead of graduating in three years, I’ll be done in May of 2019. I will soon begin the process of writing my Master’s Thesis. I will look forward to sharing this journey with you.

I said I was a wife, and I am. I met my now husband back when I was at Spelman College and he at Morehouse College. We were freshmen when we first began dating. Yet, we were immature and let our immaturity get the best of us. We split after several months. Yet, when I was attending my graduation in the spring of 2016, we bumped into each other and reconnected. Our love picked up as if it had never been broken. We made our unity official and I feel as though I’ve married my best friend.

This website is my story. As aforementioned, I am a genealogist, a historian, and an archivist. I will have various blogs detailing these experiences and stories of my ancestors and my life.

Thank you for taking this ride of a life time with me! I hope you enjoy…

-Ariana Fiorello-Omotosho