Italian Research

Living with her adoptive family, Ariana learned a lot about Italian culture. She also heard the oral histories of their ancestry and learned some of the reasons as to why they migrated from the island of Sicily to find a new home in the United States.

Her curiosity led her to incredible discoveries. She recorded the stories and then took to the archives. She researched several generations of her adoptive family back in Italy and was able to paint a better understanding of their life and family life.

A special gift she was able to give was the ability to apply for dual citizenship. Ariana’s adoptive family now holds the collective stories to their unique family history and the paperwork to be able to gain citizenship in Italy.

This journey made her fall even more in love with the Italian people and history. She enjoys conducting Italian research and wishes to give more people the ability to learn more about their international family history and possibly help them apply for Italian citizenship if they wish do so.