African American

Ariana understands the difficulties of slavery. For many years the African American community had been told that our history began with slavery, but that is not true. Ariana has been able to trace her own unique family back several years into slavery and even discovered some African Americans who were never enslaved. 
Ariana wants to help others discover their unique stories, while also forcing people to confront the truths of slavery. Once we can understand and accept, we, all Americans, can begin to heal from the centuries of Black oppression in. 
It is important to understand that for African Americans, our history does not start nor end with slavery, but is a hick-up in our story. You never know what you’ll uncover. At the same time, sometimes we can learn a lot from the descendants of the white slave masters that once owned our enslaved ancestors. We may share their DNA or they may hold the key to figuring out the paper trail to where our ancestors came from or traveled. 
Ariana’s goal is to uncover this unique and mysterious history to give you a bit more than a text book understanding of where your ancestors came from and what they endured.