African American Research
It’s important to understand that our history does not start nor end with slavery, but is a hick-up in our story. At the same time, sometimes we can learn a lot from the descendants of the white slave masters that once owned our enslaved ancestors. We may share their DNA or they may hold the key to figuring out the paper trail to where our ancestors came from or traveled too.
Italian Research
Migration trails are unique in their own right. Understanding why groups of people left helps to understand families financial and economic circumstances and the pushes and pulls. In researching Italian ancestry their are many factors which led to Italian immigrating to new places. The research can also unveil possible dual citizenship.
Adoption Research
Ariana understands the importance of wanting to find a biological parent. Sometimes it is for health reasons, while other times it is for personal. Whatever the reason, Ariana wants to help connect people with their biological halves.
Family Lineage Research, Reports, & Charts
Using her expertise in and Professional Genealogy, Ariana digs deep into your family history and provides an in-depth report and chart detailing your family lineage. These reports may include images and brief synopses of the lives of your ancestors.
Understanding Your Unique Diaspora
Using her expertise in both Multiculturalism and Professional Genealogy, Ariana helps you to understand the diaspora of your ethnic people and the role your family played in it.
From her own personal experience with adoption, Ariana knows the complexities that can make locating a biological parent or child hard. From unknown information to counseling on the possibilities, Ariana can help guide you down this journey.