I aim to continue to unite the past with the present and future. Through genealogical research and discovery, I aim to continue to draw lines through time and space to bring the past, present, and future, within a knowledgeable distance to one another.


I am committed to giving a voice to the ancestors who came before us, by helping the people of today understand their purpose. We are all a part of one big story within history, I aim to help you understand your place within that story. By knowing who and where you come from, you can understand who you are.


Started by Ariana Fiorello, Discovering You Genealogically: The Genealogy Curator, is designed to connect the past to the present through genealogy and family history research. Understanding your ancestry can often help you to understand who you are and who you are meant to be. There is a sense of wholeness in knowing you come from something bigger than what you can imagine. Your ancestors had lives and understand their lives, makes them more human and relatable to you. Knowing where your ancestors come from, allows you to know where you came from and help you to establish your own chapter within history. It’s a small world and somehow we are all connected. Find out who you are and who you are connected to. Find out your purpose. Discover You….