Battle of Chile, Confusion and Regrets

I honestly don’t even know where to begin. I could not get into this film. While I am accustom to watching films in subtitles, this film only distracted me. There is a lot to take in and a lot to try to understand when Spanish is not a first nor second language.

The film in many ways, was loud. The sound wasn’t as loud as an action movie that we may see in the movie theater, but it wasn’t as loud as we may watch a basketball championship game at our home either. No, the loudness stemmed from the chaos. Most of the footage was as if I were watching the end of a democracy of my country and just trying to find safety, only instead of safety, I was running further into the chaos.

I am new to the world of history. In school, we did not learn World History that incorporated Chile and it’s democratic downfall. When I left for undergrad, my history concentration was on the African Diaspora mainly in the U.S., Caribbean, and Africa – not Chile. It was my first semester of graduate school, that I heard of a coup that occurred in Chile. Now, trying to watch a film about a topic I knew nothing about in a foreign language, was just too much for me.

The silences, absence of sound, and calming moments, allowed me to collect my thoughts, but not fast enough. My eyes were constantly jumping from person to person, scene to scene. My hears were being bombarded with sounds of people voicing their opinions, to frantic screams, to gun shots. Trying to read the subtitles was distracting while the images in front of me kept luring me to figure out what it was I was looking at and supposed to be interpreting.

What I got from the film, was an understanding of chaos when democracy dies. I learned that I never want to be an eye-witness to something like that. I also learned that it is important to read history and understand world history. I am saddened that my lack of knowledge on this part of history was limited because it prevented me from understanding a traumatic event and miss out an comprehending a possibly great film.

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