Two Forces

The picture above is of my great-great-uncle and three of his comrades. I never met the man, and I had never even heard of him, until a distant cousin of mine began emailing us with information about my great-grandmother on my Papa’s side, Giuseppina Fiorello nee: Sulic. He shared pictures of his mother and grandmother who were the sister and niece of my great-grandmother. My learning of Rudolfo Sulic, my great-grandmother’s brother, it was border-lining on ironic tragedy. Rudlfo fought for the Austrian army during World War I, while my great-grandfather – Giuseppina’s husband – Fortunato Fiorello, fought for the Italian army during World War I. Two opposing forces. Fortunato continued to fight on the Italian forefront due to being a volunteer. He was injured several times, but continued to go back out and fight. By the end of the war, he was one of five in his original regiment to survive. Rudolfo Sulic wasn’t so fortunate. Rudolfo died fighting on the Russian forefront. Two opposing forces: Austria vs. Italy (figuratively); Brother-in-Law vs. Brother-in-Law (figuratively). Same outcome: Italy won (figuratively); Fortunato won (figuratively).


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