The Power of Adoption

In honor of Sibling Saturday, I want to acknowledge my brother, Tommy. We were both adopted to single, white mothers, but share one thing in common. Our DNA comes from one common mother. I was fortunate enough to locate my birth family during my senior year of high school. I was extremely nervous, but when I reached out to them, I was welcomed with open arms. I am one of my brother’s only blood relatives to connect with him. During his senior year, he reached out to me. He found me via our birth mother’s Facebook. He, though, was not so fortunate. He was rejected and denied by our birth mother.

The picture above is of me, Tommy, and my son. This was his first time visiting me at my home, and our second time meeting in person. The first time we met, was when I attended his high school graduation on 10 June 2016. He and I are so much alike because we share that adoption experience. Naturally we are bonded. Whether or not others want to believe in the facts or not, it’s not up to me. A birth certificate and DNA are all I need, because they replicate the same facts that I have. My original birth certificate and DNA confirmed my relationship. I welcome having a new brother. I am beyond excited because this means adding to my family tree, but it also means having someone who understands the adopted me and we live less than an hour away from one another.

No matter what, we were destined to be united. Siblings can’t be separated for long. Something wanted us to get to know one another and I’m glad he was not shy about reaching out. Adoption is a powerful thing. It unites to families, while giving a child a – hopefully – loving and safe environment. At the same time, as an adoptee, I’ve had my down moments. Longing to connect with someone who looked like me and shared my DNA. I wanted to know more about my history. Having Tommy who is my brother, makes everything easier. We have a common family and we’ve had very similar experiences growing up. We have a bond as siblings but the power of adoption is a bond that can never truly be broken.

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