Tantalizing Stranger Questions Makes Good Insight

What are they? Where do their ancestors come from? I wonder if their features &characteristics and their desires & interests depict everything their ancestors are and were.

These thoughts play through my mind when I meet people. Ever since I became interested in genealogy, I now seek to know the stories behind the people I meet. I find people’s family histories interesting. I find the stories fascinating and the ethnic mixing, often is refreshing.

When I meet people of European ancestry, I wonder whether or not they are pure European. Nowadays, is anyone a pure ethnic makeup consisting of one ethnic group? I don’t believe that. People have been migrating for centuries. People moved across lands because of food. People moved across lands because of opportunities. People moved across lands because of wars. People have been moving just because. We are a migrating group. Think of the Americas…

The indigenous people who came to live here and become native with the land, migrated from parts of Asia and Australia. In the determination to prove that Earth was round and disprove the notion that Earth was flat, Europeans began to come over and settle in the Americas. Unfortunately, these Europeans came over to create havoc. Native Americans underwent an atrocious genocide and Africans were kidnapped from Africa and forced into enslavement here in the Americas. Nonetheless, these groups of people were beginning to live amongst one another and create some form of a bond, whether that be negative or positive.

These relationships sometimes produced children of mixed decent, warranted or unwarranted. Over time, generations are added and until it is our time to stand to be the face of our ancestors. What I want to know, is who is hidden deep within the contents of that face. Aside from the individuality of the person, there are those who came before who hold on to that body for rejuvenation and restorations.

To me, I find my inquiries as a good conversation starter or point. Me being a genealogist with no filter, may bluntly ask one of my many questions swirling in my head. I’ll wait for a response. Majority of the time, people are unaware of the depth behind their family’s histories. I then explain who I am and why I’m interested. I bring up some stories of my own ancestors because I am proud of them. I bring up data from taking DNA tests. These types of topics, lead people to ask questions and even question their own genealogy. Many of us are told a family lore or two, but how true are they? What if you took the time to find the proof?

I was told that I have ancestors who purchased their own freedoms. I am on a mission to find purchase receipts or manumission papers for these ancestors. Conversations such as these, allow me to get to know a person beyond small talk, and also brings to insight to new cultures or mindsets. I want to reach the youth and engage them in their genealogy. Not everyone has to research centuries back, but it important to know and respect those you come from.

I am adopted, so I don’t hold back. My adoptive family’s ancestors are mine. Without them I would not have mom who loves me as if she gave birth to me herself. Family is who you choose to call family and those are the ancestors you need to represent. In all family’s there is a wacky nut or bad apple. In my trees I have several I am not too fond of, but I respect them for getting me here.

So, next time you meet a person, don’t hesitate or be afraid to ask questions such as: What are they? Where do their ancestors come from? I wonder if their features &characteristics and their desires & interests depict everything their ancestors are and were. You never know what fascinating story you might here or what insights you may be educated into.

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