Sacred Heart

While simple, this place holds a lot of memories. My Nana and Papa were married here, at Sacred Heart Church located in the North End of Boston. Many of my Italian-American relatives were married here. This place, symbolizes family unity within my family, but it also symbolizes Italian culture. During the early and mid 1920s, many Italian Immigrants settled in Boston’s North End. The community began to represent “Little Italy” and the people spoke Italian. Because of this, there were people who were born in Boston, but never learned English, or knew very little. Schools were likely the place where children were learning English, but at home and in the community, Italian was the spoken language. My family spoke Sicilian-Italian, which is slightly different than the now national Italian language identity.

I was amazed that I have lived not far from Boston and never visited the place where my grandparents wed. It was a magical moment. I truly felt as though I was in the arms of my Italian ancestors and relatives. In this moment, we were united. In this moment, I was standing where they once stood so long ago.


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