New-Aged Letter from an Ancestor

To my loved ones,

I cannot tell you where I am. I can only count the nights that have passed and the full moons that have graced the sky above. I am sorry for my absence and I hope this finds you well. I will try my best to explain what I have gone through, but I don’t even truly know.

I was walking alone. I was just thinking, trying to clear my head and gather materials for the home. I heard sounds like bushes moving. I looked up and saw nothing. I assumed it was just animals frolicking around. I was not careful. I heard your warnings, but I did not listen. As I bet down, a net fell upon me. When I was able to look up, I saw brown faces, unfamiliar to me. I was confused. Our people were not at war, not that I knew of. I was scared. I didn’t know what they may do to me. They took the net off and tied my hands together. Then, we began walking.

I know we walked in the direction of the sea. After two nights pass, we were met by other men who had captured men, woman, and children. I was not the only boy, there were many of us. I looked at the adults, but they seemed confused as well. I tried to find familiar faces, but there were none. We all spoke different tongues.

After 4 nights since my capture, we arrived at the water. We were placed in a cold, dark, and damp building. Others captured were already there. We were locked away in our section. I’m not sure how much time passed, but finally, we were marched on to a huge ship. The view leaving that dark place was beautiful. I think that was the last beautiful thing I saw.

Once on the ship, we were placed underneath and forced to lie cramped next to one another. The journey was long. I missed you all and thought of you all the time. Many people died and the food they gave us was bad and not enough. Bodies were thrown over board and a few times, I saw these giant water creatures with sharp teeth, eat them. With each passing night and moon, I began to realize I may never see my family or friends again. I began to realize that I was no longer close to home and would never return.

This filling of no return, was confirmed when I arrived in this new place they called America. I went from being on a boat to being on this wooden platform. White faces looked at me. Numbers were being called and finally it was over. I was put back in structure with bars until the man came to get me. They say I am his property. They tell me my name is Harry. I am myself. I am the son of a mother and a father. I am a brother and a friend. Now, I am someone new. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

I hope this letter reaches you. I will try to write again.

Much love.

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