Matrilineal: Eunice and Marianne

This is my second great-grandmother. I never met her, but her daughter, my great-grandmother is still alive. I’ve never met her either. Both women have fascinating stories that I wish I knew. There is a disconnect from the rest of the family, that I’d love to know why. There seems to be a distaste for certain skin colors, that I’d like to further dissect. However, I chose Eunice as my subject piece because she is the furthest women I can find on my matrilineal line. There were rumors that she was the product of an affair between a white woman and her father, who was a mulatto. However; after finding long lost distant relatives via DNA, I was able to go one step further. A birth certificate confirms that her mother is Marianne Sonnier. These women comprise the little that is known about my matrilineal line.


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