Friday’s Faces of the Past: Pasquale Fiorello

Pasquale Fiorello is my 2nd great-grandfather via my adoptive mom. He was born in Sicily, Italy and immigrated with his family to the United States. He was in search of a better life. Back home, Sicilians were battling famine and disease to due increased taxes after the Italian war of unification; and thus were being taken advantage of by the Padrone. For more information you can check out my upcoming book.

When he immigrated here, he suffered many losses. He was victim to prejudice comments from both non-Italians and Norther Italians. He had to be careful of who he worked with because the Padrone prayed on new immigrating Italians. He lost both his daughter and wife in 1915 to diseases. He did remarry in 1917, but little else is really known about him. He was buried with his wife and daughter in Boston, MA; however, his descendants never visited the gravestone. I’m sure there is some story there.

Pasquale Fiorello is just one of my many faces of the past.

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