Attucks Defines the American Revolution

Who was Crispus Attucks? The name may sound familiar to some. You may have heard the name during your educational career, or you may have heard the name in a passing conversation. Crispus Attucks is an important name to know for African Americans, and more importantly, all Americans. He was an African American, who, innocently, lost his life.


Crispus Attucks was born into slavery in the year of 1723 in Framingham, Massachusetts; then at the time was a part of British America. His mother was Nancy Attucks and his father was Prince Yonger, based on what could be found about him. He also had a supposed sister, Phebe Attucks. Attucks is known for being the first person killed in the Boston, Massacre, and the first American killed. It should be noted that he was not a part of the military, and was just a civilian.




Crispus Attucks was a sailor. Once he had fled from his master, a warrant was out for his return. Attucks took the opportunity to flee and become a sailor, traveling the seas. Being that he was killed during the Boston Massacre, his death was recorded as being 5 March 1770 in Boston, Massachusetts, British America. His death was mentioned in a few newspapers, and a trial was brought about by John Quincy Adams to avenge his death. There is now a monument in the Boston Commons commemorating Crispus Attucks.

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