A New Brother

I am currently only 22 years of age, and this story occurred to me just weeks before my 22nd birthday. I truly thought I knew everything I needed to know about my biological family. While I was adopted at a young age, I was able unite with my biological family at 17 years of age. I thought I knew all my siblings, and I was sure that I was the only one adopted. Boy, was I wrong! 19 May 2016, my mom (adoptive) and I were contacted by a woman who had adopted a black man. She was claiming that we shared the same biological mother. When I phoned my birth mom, she went into complete denial. He ended up taking 23andMe, a DNA testing company that my birth mom, biological full brother, and I took. His results came back 3 weeks later. Son to my birth mom, and a half-brother to my brother and I. At 22 years old, I now have an 18 turning 19 year old brother. I love all my siblings the same. I grew up an only child, and I’m obsessed with family and family history.

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